Disi Camel Races
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Monday, 17 March, 8.00 am
Wednesday, 16 April, 8.00 am
Thursday, 15 May, 8.00 am

Wednesday, 10 September, 8.00 am
Thursday, 9 October, 8.00 am
Saturday, 8 November, 8.00 am

Admission must be purchased at least seven days in advance of the race.  Reservations are confirmed five days in advance of the scheduled date.  In the event of race cancellation, all admission sales will be refunded in full.

Jeeps carrying race attendees depart from the front of the racing pavilion promptly at 8 am. Please be on time for this event with confirmation of your ticket purchase in hand.  The races begin once the jeeps are assembled at the starting point.  The three races last approximately one hour and time is given between each race to meet the winning camels and jockeys. 

Thank you!